BOHITE medallion

BOHITE medallion


 Made from: up cycled vintage medallion chain/necklace. Recycled leather, textiles, pendant, upcycled embellishments. Chain measurements 11 inches ONE OF A KIND


Inspired by: Anacaona Collection. Anacaona  (from Taino anacaona, meaning 'golden flower'; from ana, meaning 'flower', and caona, meaning 'gold, golden'; 1474-1503) was a Taíno cacica (chief), born in what is now Léogâne, Haiti, into a family of chiefs, she was one of the most respected people in the culture. Famous for her poetry, songs, and areitos (traditional dances), she was an artist, an oral historian, shaping the narrative passed down to future generations, a leader and a warrior.


*Taino meaning: Bohite -Spiritual witch doctor

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